New Business Cards

Business CardsYesterday I got my new business cards, and I think they look great. Just in time as well, since I recently used up my old batch and have had a few networking meetings today.

Why am I so happy with the cards?

Front Side
They have a clean design which is nice and I also like the matte black color.

I managed to get my twitter handle @rynge into the mail address by changing the font color. Not everyone will notice, but the ones that do will remember it, and it might also be a source of discussion when someone asks about it.

I also left out all physical addresses and just focused on website, phone and e-mail. Since I travel a lot there is a reason for that as well.

Flip Side
The chess playing boy has been with me the last couple of years and I still find the picture good at communicating the importance of strategy combined with tactics.

The keywords are new and I think they help the recipient of the cards to remember who I am, especially as the tagline is there as well.

[Click the picture for larger version]


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