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In the time of Christmas, I believe that gifts to friends or family is a nice gesture, but the real unselfish giving is to the ones that really needs it. These persons are probably not in your circle of friends.

I do support personally and also via my company The Rynge Group and I do have a sponsor child in Mauritius through the Swedish branch of Save The Children. I am also a big fan of the Swedish Startup Ecoera and their Platform for Biochar Carbon Capture, which can make a huge impact on the CO2 footprint while improving the soil productivity.

No matter what religion you have, if you believe in Christmas or not, a gift to someone in need is a very good step towards creating a better world.

Another way is doing a good deed every day, as Deb does and writes about in her blog Good Deed A Day or as Brandon did and wrote about in One Good Deed Per Day.

Save The Children - Haiti

Save The Children – Haiti

Every single one of us can change the world, one step at a time. Everyone of us must take action now towards creating a better world. Each action is the responsibility of you as a single individual, but it is all the acts together that makes it possible for us to change the world.


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