Networking through blogs

The Swedish blog Disruptive has declared 2009 as the year of cooperation (in Swedish) where the readers of the blog can connect through a listing on a subpage of the blog to be able to connect with each other. I think this is an excellent approach and totally in line with my former post “Networking: “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”, so basically what I am saying is: check out disruptive if you speak Swedish and start networking and/or why not add a few lines here as a comment if you’d like to connect with readers of this blog or if you’d like to add innovative ways to better networking.
I will soon post a follow up to the above post  about the result of my e-mail to my contacts; the response, list of things my network need etc.

– Ola Rynge
The Rynge Group

2 Comments on “Networking through blogs”

  1. Please Ola, arrange so that one can read your blog fully through a RSS reader. Its annoying to have to go to your actual site.

  2. Thanks for pointing out this problem, Johan. I hope I managed to make the requiered changes to make the feed include the full feed.


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